Tracheal sponge

The Dento-Dorm® tracheal sponge is a water-repellent membrane for the trachea with a tightly sealed passage in the centre for the tracheal tube.

  • Supplied as a basic set in a case
  • Made from cellular rubber
  • Designed for multiple use
  • Autoclavable, disinfectable
  • Recommended uses: Ideal for calculus removal or dental treatment
  • Suitable for cats, dogs and other pets
Tracheal-Sponge caseContents 48 piecesArt.-No.: 29767-045
Refill pack - coarse -Contents 12 piecesArt.-No.: 29767-0451
Refill pack - fine -Contents 36 piecesArt.-No.: 29767-0452

Download the care instructions of this product: Care instructions tracheal-sponge

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Tested by LABOKLIN

Bacteriologically and virologically safe for multiple use.

How-to videos

How to use the tracheal sponge




Drying and reuse

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