• Stabilizes the patient’s body temperature during anaesthesia thanks to numerous tiny air pockets.
  • Prevents the patient from shifting even when the treatment table is in the sloping position.
  • Supports the patient’s position, enabling more ergonomic working conditions.
  • Available in various sizes for positioning any animal from small pets to large dogs.
  • Waterproof, with a hygienic, sealed surface with small pores which is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • No chemical additives, food safe (conforms to the European Directives on food contact materials as well as to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations).
  • Robust and very lightweight, keeps its shape perfectly.
  • Dermatologically safe.
  • Curved, concave inner surface for comfortable positioning and as a positioning aid during X-ray examinations, surgery, dental treatment or blood collection.
  • Differently shaped ends for added flexibility in use (for example, if the head or pelvis needs to be lowered).
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