Luxator Racifein

The ‘original’ with absolutely straight, delicate and sharp handling tip to luxate small teeth with a narrow periodontal gap and to remove root splinters and small bone fragments. With the help of these finely crafted dental instruments, luxating and extracting especially cat teeth and small dog teeth becomes much easier, as the very sharp and thin handling tip allows access even to narrow periodontal gaps.

To do so, the Luxator is inserted with apical pressure around the tooth and in the imaginary line of the tooth root (i.e. very steeply and not at a 45-degree angle to the tooth). Following that, slightly rotating movements from the wrist are made as well as a further deeper insertion of the Luxator with apical pressure and subsequent slight rotation. This procedure is performed several times and always on different sides of the tooth until the tooth is mobilised.

The sharp tip works like a cutting tool to cut through the circular periodontal fibres in the gap. Regular sharpening is thus recommended. While handling the tool, always make sure that the instrument is guided securely (fingers far down towards the handling tip) and provide proper support to prevent stabbing injuries due to accidental slipping.

Dento-Dorm®  LUXATOR RACIFEIN 1 MM as per Dr. Mihaljević

Very gracile handling tip, particularly suitable for luxating small cat teeth (Incisive, P2 or broken-off root remains)

Size 1
1mm w x 10 mm l
Total length 14 cm
Item no. 29767-100

Dento-Dorm®  LUXATOR RACIFEIN 2 MM as per Dr. Mihaljević

Delicately manufactured handling tip, excellently suited for luxating cat and small dog teeth.

Size 2
2 mm w x 12 mm l
Total length 14 cm
Item no. 29767-101

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